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My promotional video for t-shirts

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hey all, just want to post my promo video for my t-shirts brand.
chek it out, let me know wat u think
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Are you asking for feedback on the video or the shirts?
A video would be cool but I didn't see anything that would make me want to go check out your site. Maybe I am missing something. Is what was written on the shirt your brand tagline or something?
lol tnks for support. just wanna put sometin out there on youtube to get traffic
I doubt you'll get traffic with a video like that...
Why do you not have your designs on there? to me that would have been a better video than just the saying you had on the shirt. I would go to your site to check out shirts if you had those on there.
By the way you have screen spelled Sscreen, just thought you might want to change it.

When you says stretchable print that never fades, are you using a digital transfer?

Good luck with the site, looks good but I would change the video:)
hey thanks for feedback. but the t-shirts in the video are actual t shirts im selling. in this situation i have this particular design "party animal" because it relates to a song by akon.
and yes its plastisol transfers
It looks like you just took mockups and threw them into windows movie maker.

Why not film people doing stuff in your shirts? Like skateboarding, riding bikes, partying... anything to make it feel more personal. Your video does absolutely NO justice for your shirts.. and the shirt you chose to feature is your worst design, imo.
ok featuring real ppl sounds great
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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