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My new website please be honest!

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I am new to this site but it looks pretty useful. I am looking for a honest opinion on my new site. We spent a pretty penny on this and are mainly focusing for online business. So if you wouldnt mind I would appreciate any feedback positive or negative. Our sites url is
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i really like it. it looks very professional and worth whatever you paid for.
Hi Joey The website looks great, you have alot of different item for people to chose from, but the first page looks plain , if that is the look you are looking for then it is okay for me.
I was just trying to customize a shirt and it seems to be taking a long time to upload my image. i tried two different .png files an .eps and an ai. file and it still didnt work. I even restarted firefox and still didnt work.
I got :
Attachment file type is invalid. Only eps, ai, png, jpg, tif, and gif images are allowed
for 2 png images ....( 400K, 1M )

web site is good looking. simple design, easy to follow ...BUT cant upload

BTW, why NOT accept jpg, gif formats ?? for geneal public, jpg and gif are the MOST commonly used formats...

any way, a good start ....good luck ..
ha ha ...interesting...I found your web site accept gif ..even not mentioned in the upload page.

OK. I can upload a gif successfully.

BUT, I cant see a pre-view (my image on the shirt), I cant adjust the image size, modify it, ...etc.

I only get :

You've successfully uploaded girl102.gif to be positioned Front Top-Right with a width/height of 20.0/25.0 inches on Gildan "Ultra Cotton"

interesting .....

why not get a online T-shirt design software ...???

any way ...good luck ...
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I went to order Ladies Bella Heather Jersey Ringer T-Shirt - #B6050. In the right margin, I'm asked what color in red font, however, the drop down box says PLEASE SELECT A SIZE. Once I selected a size, it allowed me to select a color. This was a bit confusing as I had already filtered the view by size. I expected size to be populated from the filter.
worth whatever you paid
What if they paid... one meeeeeellion dollars?

But yeah, the site does look pretty good.
It looks good but the designer did not work properly for me. It uploaded the file but did not show any type of preview. With that happening, I would have immediately left. :) I would definately make the instructions more clear. I myself know how they work but the average person is not going to, and also test it more to make sure every portion of the designers is working correctly, so that you dont lose people. Hope this helps :)
Great site. I think it looks awesome. .... JB
I went to baseball caps and it presented me with size options from xxs to xxl and let me choose between mens or womens. It is wasn't for the fact that it is obviously a design flaw, I would be mega impressed at that level of choice.

Selling a personalised cap at $4 does seem incredibly cheap though?
I didn't really get into the functions of the site but visually I think it's very easy on the eyes. Congrats

I'm not sure if it's my computer or what, but the V in Vendor is cut off at the bottom on the left, underneath the little boy.
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