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My kornit just arrive (931/8) new model

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I have been reading and reading a lot from the board.

Finally, I just got a machine (931/8) down on my print shop floor.The machine is equip with all the new wiping system.
I am a very newbie on the dtg. I will need a lot of recommendation.

My questions are
1. Anyone has a UPS backup for the machine?

2. What dryer brand are you using (Gas or Electric) as there is a curing problem with time and temp? as kenscott receive a big letter from Kornit about curing.

Kornit recommend me Adelco and Calmat. Kornit prefer Calmat. Anyone using Calmat? If you guys use adelco, what model is it?

3. What speed (Production, High production, High quality) ,
color print mode (Single or Interlace),
Saturation (Normal, Darker or Darkest)and resolution do you guys using with the machine?

Kornit use (Interlace) color print mode and Production speed during the exhibition show.

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I can't reply Q1 and Q2. I use HIX 3616 dryer for 932 NDS.
About Q3,
Choose the speed you need. If your production is very high and your customers don't mind the quality, you can use high production. Just try to print the same image by 3 type speed and compare print time, image quality, and you can get the answer.
About color print mode, if you have large solid color, you can use interlace mode to prevent lines in the image problem. Kornit machine excel to print complex image, not solid color. So the machine has interlace mode.
About saturation, I always use normal mode. You can try to print the same image by these 3 mode and you can know the answer.

If you want to get better prints, you need to try a lot on kornit machine.
And I think every in this forum is very curious on the wiping system. Hope you can share this system for everybody!

How are you liking your 931-8 now? What do you think of the print quality, speed, and overall reliability/durability?
Yes. Do give feedback on the machine... I'm a newbie too and also looking to get the 931. But I'm not sure if the cost is justifiable...
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