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my intro and first question...

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hey cool site! i'm excited about beginning to sift through all of the info on here.

rodney, i live in sacramento too and i'm looking for a good place to get some screen printing done. do you have any recommendations of some legit places to check out? we got a catalogue from heatwaves and one of my friends got some stuff done there before but that's about all i've heard anything about.

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Hey there, welcome to the T-Shirt Forums!

Because there are so many "good" printers and many of our members are printers, we try to stay away from screen printer recommendation posts.

We don't allow self promotion or advertising in the forums, so these type posts can sort of entice people to want to promote their own interests (it's hard not too sometimes :))

The yellowpages has some good screen printer listings. Also, once you have 15 posts, you can post a service request in our Classifieds Area of t-shirtforums.com
okay, makes sense. thanks.
However what he is not telling you... he is a screen printer.. So he is not blowing his own whistle.. By the way Humble, I am just down the road in Stockton.. But I don't do screening either.. just heat pressing..
Yeah, maybe Rodney should be called Humble!

If you do some digging and put some things together, he shouldn't be too hard to find, though!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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