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After checking your color schemes, it seems that your designs do not work with lighter colors. The image can barely be seen on anything but darks. I'd also change the font style to something a little more interesting. As for the niche, it's way too narrow. Selling to a niche, in my opinion, takes more than messages on a shirt unless the target market is very specific, such as religion, work, inspirational, age or anything you might choose. Selling to a specific niche gives you less of a customer base for maximizing profits as well as a smaller target audience. Having a certain specific niche can be combined with products for the masses. If you hesitate to take this route due to your personal style, I can understand your dilemma as my store with a different company, is specialized to sarcastic humor, somewhat rude, a little offensive, but I also offer designs for everyone to compensate for a smaller base in my target audience. I don't do it for a living, but a hobby to allow release of my insanity. If you're a full-time business, you're better off designing for the masses. It's the true business model to maximize profits.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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