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My First Press. Help!

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Hello everyone! I have my own growing clothing brand. You can check it out at www.instagram.com/alexander.spade I finally want to buy my own screen printing press and I have done a research and I need to decide between 2 presses. The first one is Vastex V1000 4/6 ( I know V2000 is a lot better but it is out of my budget for now) The problems with that press for me is that is based in US and I am from Bulgaria. Anyway I found people that represent Vastex in Germany and I would buy it for them for 2800euro. The other press is recommened to me by a firm here in Bulgaria which represent it and can help me out fast in case of a problem with it. Its Printex Man 6x6 which they present it to be better than the Vastex 1000. It is for 3850euro which is a little bit out of my budget and this kinda stops me from buying it. Also a problem is that I find nothing about it online. The press really looks good with the head holding the screen on the sides and not only on the back (not sure if it matters a lot) I need help with deciding between those 2. I would also love it if you share some expereince about the Printex press. Thank you for your time!
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