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My first paying job

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My first paying job- only 10 shirts, and I did them way too cheap, but it was nice practice (even though they were very simple). Good thing is I ordered 2 extras, in case I messed up, but didn't need them.

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Congrats on finishing your first "paid job"...... From reading your post.. it seems like you have the preparation and printing techniques down. Just curious why you feel you underbid yourself and how did you figure to buy two extra shirts? Keep up the great work... My first Paid Job was quite the experience.... and I am glad It is under my belt and I have learned tremendously from it.

I actually posted on the forums here about ordering extra. Most said to order 1 extra shirt per size. The guy I did them for is just starting his business, and I knew him from high school, so I did them pretty cheap. (10 shirts for $80)
yeah thats pretty cheap... $8 a shirt is a normal price... but not for only 10 pieces...

i basically order 1 extra per size also... a lot of times i dont order any extra in the 2xl+ sizes tho i just hold my breathe when i print those... it all depends on how many you are printing tho of course...

i cant really see your shirt that well but it looks good in any case. now that you have made your first job for money, the goal switches to actually MAKING money! thats still my goal... im small time but i still managed to bring in 10k last year... too bad i spent 11K
you, what, about doubled your money roughly? hey, there's no shame in a 100% profit! :)

good job on the shirts. :)
Congrats, that first real paying job feels good doesn't it
He just started his business, but the t-shirt says, Est 2009.

Did you charge his setup or screen charges?

I still get that great feeling after finishing every job. Don't know why, some are nightmares, or maybe it's just the customers.
it was probably his friend's business that was established in 2009, not the OP's. :)
@paul- yea, he's been piddling since '09 I suppose, just now going all out. And no, no charge for set up. The way I am quoting prices now- figure how much that amount of blanks cost me, then double it. But I can deffinatly see why people on here say doing small orders is not worth your time, but that's kinda the reason I got into it in the first place... I've always wanted to buy small orders of shirts for my running club, but it was so costly. I'd like to continue to cater to the small order peeps. (at least for now)
Just be careful Chris. Lots of screen printers don't like to hear your under charging.

I understand what you're saying, but theres a lot of work we have to do for a few t-shirts. Especially if you do multiple colors.

Did a three color the other day and it seemed like it took forever. Right after I did a one color with twice as many t-shirts, and was done in a couple of hours.

Either way, they both came out great, and received additional jobs.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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