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I am close to placing my first order with a supplier and based on a conversation we had I have a few important questions for you - Help is much appreciated:

1.) Taxes/Resale ID: With regards to a Resale ID, does this only apply to paying no tax (CA) on the garments themselves, or does this also apply to the print service? i.e., if I get a Resale ID will I still be invoiced to pay tax for the whole print order?

2.) Purchase Order: The printer asked me to provide him with a Purchase order. As I was filling it out, it seemed odd that I as a customer was filling out information such as pricing, tax, etc - Shouldn't this be something HE does for the customer?
Unless a purchase order is something else I came across, it asks for information much like an invoice - Just seems backwards to me that he asked the customer for a purchase order?

3.) Pantone Colors: The printer asked me to specify pantone colors for my piece. For this design, I don't have a preference for a specific pantone match because it's red, white, blue and black - I understood Pantone matches are only done if you want specific colors not a requirement to proceed with the order?
I know every printer is different and he isn't charging me extra for it and I know most printers do, but isn't odd he *required* me to specify pantone matching?

Thanks for help on these questions.


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1. If you have a resale i.d., you are not charged tax on anything. You collect the state sales tax on the items when you sell them and remit that money to the state.

2. Purchase orders are always filled out by the customer (you). It's basically your instructions to the printer explaining exactly what you want done and how much you are authorizing the amount to be.

3. You would be amazed how many different red, blue and black colors there are. The printer just want to make it crystal clear what shade of these you want. If you don't have a color chart, your printer surely has one you can look at. Or, you can walk into a store that sells them to look at the colors. I don't recommend relying on an online one as your computer screen could render a color differently than what it actually is.

The whole idea with #2, and 3 is your printer is trying to eliminate any misunderstanding at all that could result in a mistake in your order.
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