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I started work using an EPSON 1400 a year ago but because of 90 hour work weeks and poor health I didn't get far. My health is back and I want to tackle this again. I stripped the printer down and bought materials a year ago and now things look like a blur to me.

I built a printer stand from the "Epson R1900 DTG thorough documentation" by FeClark.

I was thinking that maybe I should buy another EPSON 1400 because after all this time I have no idea how to reassemble it, but it has been discontinued. I was thinking maybe the EPSON 1430 would be a good substitute but I figured I'd try to get some guidance before my next move.

Currently, I have the stand built and the printer stripped down. Also after sitting all this time, it may be trash anyway.

Any Ideas?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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