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My Epson 1400 ink challenge

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Hi all,

This might sound ridiculous, but if you can help me out, I'd be willing to pay you a couple of dollars for your material and shipping. I recently purchased an Epson 1400 and CIS pigmentation system. Everything is printing fine, but the problem is that I have nothing to compare my inks/color to. I'd like to look at the quality of other brands of inks, but can't afford to go out and buy a bunch of different systems. I basically want to do some ink comparisons...

I'm looking for others out there with Epson 1400 and either refillable cartridges, CIS systems, or OEM ink cartridges and JPSS for Lights Colors transfer sheets. The ink type doesn't matter either. It can be pigementation or dye. If you could print out a small graphic I email you, can you mail it to me? I don't need a full JPSS sheet either. The graphic will be about 4"x3" in size. I figure if I can get several others with different ink system setups, I can gather some printouts and compare the differences and post the results that I find.
I can either pay you by cash or check(in the mail) or Paypal. It's not a lot of money, but I think $2.00 should cover it. You can just fold up the sheet or cut it out and send it to me in a regular 1st class envelope.

Let me know if you'd be willing to help me out. You can reply here, PM me, or email me at jtovar at hi-nrg dot net

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By the way, I'd be willing to send out a sample printout from my CIS system if anyone was curious of what the quality and color looks like....
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