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My best print so far

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Not that it is anything mind blowing, but here is the most involved print that I have done so far. I have mostly done lettering and very basic logo type stuff up until now. It took me a bit to get this set up using Illustrator - swearing at it seemed to help a lot - and now I know why guys pay so much for micro registration. It took a while to get the black outline lined up correctly on my no-frills basic press.

I have a 4 colour manual, no micros; a homemade exposure unit. I used Lancer inks with a low cure additive which brings the required cure temp down to around 290. I used a heat gun and an altered space heater to flash/cure. the shirt is an Alstyle 100% cotton.

The guitar player in one of my bands does some R&B stuff as well and they are debuting next weekend, so I thought it would be cool to have some merch for them at their shows.

Feedback would be nice. Everyone here has been so cool with help and advice, I really just wanted to post the results of all the help I have gotten so far from this site/forum.



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You did great for your first 2 color.
You should be proud of yourself. When I started I used underpar equipment for a long time then when I finally could get the good equipment printing was a breeze. I had to learn to be creative using the first stuff that moved around, no adjustments and so on......
Great job.
Looks nice. What mesh count did you use for the screens?
congrats..!!! great print...nice choice of font (bleeding cowboy)
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