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My attempt at halftone/indexing for a "watercolor" look

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hello -

so i checked out a bunch of the "blending" type threads and found that i should either index or convert to halftones to get the look. i tried one of both.

attached are links to three pictures, one the original image and what i would like it to appear, one the index and one the halftone image.

i had trouble with the halftone image; i used the halftone colors in photoshop and illustrator thread for this ( http://www.t-shirtforums.com/t-shirt-articles/t6426.html ). i made my halftone but i couldn't get the colors to go away--i managed to get them away until it was dots of black AND gray. the dots were not solid black so i converted the image from there to black and white and darkened it, but it looked too dark so i went back to what i had and that is what is pictured.

i am curious which one of these methods will work better or even if either of them will work at all. i just ordered some nazdar 9500 series waterbased white ink and i plan on using that. what type of mesh should i use? should i use a higher mesh so it will be more detailed? i currently only have 110 since i'm new to this.

here are the links...

umm... soo the indexed one just looks regular. soo. i'm going to host it on rapidshare so if you really want to see it you can dl it.

RapidShare: Easy Filehosting <<<LINK TO INDEXED
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