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Music and Street Festival prices...

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Hi guys, we just launched our site back in late March. I booked a few festivals for the spring and summer to try to promo our name. We have a few block parties/street fests and a few music fests at clubs.

Our first festival was this past Sunday and we kinda bombed. Cost me $150 for vendor fee and barely made that back.

our shirts aren't terribly great right now 'cuz we print everything ourselves and we're still new but they are not too bad either.. 4,500 people at the festival and only sold 14 shirts.

A lot of people seemed to be receptive of our designs but wouldn't go for the purchase, so I'm thinkin' it has something to do with our pricing scheme.

We sell for $15.00 online because it costs us around $7 to make a shirt and is pretty labor intensive right now since we don't have conveyer dryer or auto press or anything efficient.

The question is do you lower prices at festivals to get them moving quicker or do you keep them at the same rate? We have deals online but just kept everything one price at the festivals...

What you guys think?
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Whats happening Chuck

I think you keep grinding and keep the prices based on your Venue. You learned a valuable lesson in this game, people looking and digging your stuff does not always equate to sales $$. I dont think $15 is too much nor do I think it is the problem. But it will not hurt to change it up and try different things at these venues and see what works best. Maybe try some deals like $15 each or 2 for $20. Based on the pricing you posted you will still be making a profit. I have been to a few venues myself and just because you drop the price it doesnt always mean you are gonna sell out your stock but mix it up and see what happens. I am by far not a pro at the festival and show game so maybe someone else will chime in with more experience...but I know that this is a grind! I don't make a ton of $ doing this and may never make a ton but I love it and although I have a day job I am always thinking of shirts I wanna make and sell! :) Anyway keep your head up and good luck on your future events!
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