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Okay. I have information overload. I already purchased my Graphtec 6000-60 24" cutter. The forums have been very helpful in that decision. Printing is another story. Do any of you have multiple printers? Maybe sublimation and eco-solvent? I currently have an Epson WF-7610 for inkjet transfers but it's been very temperamental. Not sure if I want to sink the money into getting the printer head "unclogged" or purchase another one. My blank orders are split - 50% dark (adult garments) and 50% white (babies). I was thinking the eco-solvent printer would kill two birds with one stone, but I've gotten frustrated with what I've seen in the 24" variety. I don't need a printer/cutter - just the printer. I'm also skeptical of purchasing one of the Chinese brands from Alibaba. Is the ValueJet 628 my only real option in that size that's print only? I won't be printing anything larger than that due to space limitations - mostly garments as well a promotional items.

Thanks in advance.

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