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I have purchased a used Blazer Pro T-Jet (TJB-1650). This printer is based on the Epson Stylus Pro 4880. The previous owner had ink cartridge errors, I was able to resolve those errors quickly. The previous owner said they never had any other errors.

As soon as I tried the first Head Clean Utility with the Right/Clean Button, I got an error "Service Req. 00010035" (Pump Home Position Error). I replaced the entire Capping Station. Then I discovered the top gear just behind the spit station had fallen down between other gears. I return the gear to its proper location and it stays put.

If I don't get the 10035 error, then may get the "Service Req. 0001000C" error (Platen Gap Home Position Error). I checked the gears to the right of the printer and around the PG motor. They appear fine.

If I don't get the 1000C error, then I may get the "Service Req. 00010033" error (Exit Roller Home Position Error).

Once I got to the Reload Paper error! However to fix this error, it requires a shut down and then I encounter one of the three errors above again.

What is the next step I should take? Is it possible to order and replace all the gears from a kit? Is there a good way to clean (and/or lubricate) the gears? May something else be the main culprit other than the gears? Could it be truly a sensor issue instead of a mechanical issue or an issue with the main board?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or solutions!
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