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Multi-Layered Transfer on NYLON (Thermoflex)

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I need to do a two color layered job on some cross country nylon jerseys.

Specifically, I am thinking of applying Thermoflex XTRA as the bottom layer (directly to the nylon) and would like to use some of my "on hand" Thermoflex PLUS on the top layer (to adhere directly to Thermoflex XTRA).

Since Thermoflex XTRA uses a lower temperature for less time (300° F - 315° F for 3 - 5 seconds) and Thermoflex PLUS uses a higher temperature for longer time (330° F - 335° F for 17 - 20 seconds), won't I risk melting the nylon during application of the second layer? (high heat/more time).

A few more questions:

1) Is Thermoflex XTRA designed to adhere to itself?

2) Should I use a teflon sheet inside the shirt to prevent front and back from sticking together when pressing nylon?

3) Are there better products than Thermoflex for single/multi-color application to nylon?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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The xtra is good for nylon. I would not use the plus on top because of the temp. difference. You always press the higher temp. first. The xtra will stick to itself. Press the first layer for only about 2 to 3 sec. Not sure about the teflon sheet between.
Thank you Chuck!! Have you tried other brands of vinyl for this purpose? Any recommendations?
I have tested the Siser EasyWeed™ material on nylons that were not coated. Many times the jerseys may be made of a nylon but if the material does not have a silicone coating then the regular product will work. Test it & see for yourself. If you do use our EasyWeed™ Extra for nylon, you can add additonal layers of the EasyWeed™ on top. Check out our website for more information. www.siserna.com.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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