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I have had a bit of an issue when i move to 2 or 3 color water based ink prints. I use the Green Galaxy water based inks. When i print on dark garments using the comet white as a base if it is completely covered by the next color (just to make the color stand out) it is fine with a 10 second flash.
Whenever i do a base layer of the comet white with additional layer that do not completely cover the white it sticks to the screen. But if i flash it for 20 seconds (almost completely drying it) the ink does not seem to stick to the design at all... Falling off in the washer test.

Should the white base be completely dry or tacky? if tacky how do i keep it from ripping off on the following screens? i have a few nice designs that just need to add color but it is causing me a bit of a headache. Any help would be appreciated!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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