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MS-ONE (EPSON 4880) - initial setting, workflow

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I bought second-hand MS ONE (EPSON 4880 based) dtg printer. It was supplied with Match print II rip software. I got quick instructions by previous owner and full of the enthusiasm I started to print the t-shirts...

Now I have a lot of question with setting of the machine pretreatment and finishing of the t-shirt. Becuase I am affraid, that I do something wrong.

I am using IMAGE ARMOR pretreatment liquid. I was instructed to dry the pretreated t-shirt by 175°C for a 90 sec. Is it enough?

During printing I am using templates od setting which was created by previous owner. There is a template for white backround (dark t-shirt) and template for CMYK top layer (or white t-shirt). But I was litle bit surprised, that backround is set to approx 800 x 800 dpi and CMYK layer set on approx 1400 x 700 dpi. I think there should be the same setting of resolution. Or not? Because with this setting the colors don´t look so good.
When I tried to change setting of both templates on 1400 x 700 it seems there was too much color in the layer and after first washing print started to crack. But color were good :)

The last question is connected to drying of the printed t-shirt. I was instructed that I can put t-shirt to thermopress set on 175°C for several second (10 - 15s) but that this is not important because color can dry even on the air. But I am affrait that it is not correct and wash durability of the t-shirt will be poor.

Thank you in advance for any comments
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