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MS One Direct To Garment - Issues??!!?!?

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Hi -

We purchased an MS One back in 9/08 - this was a time when the owner was in the country and involved - now that he has left the country - the tech help he left behine (1 guy) for entire US is either not up to par with this skills or too busy for tech phone help - this happened to us last week when our machine clogged (never was shown how to clean filters) Pedro was out of country, Phoebe had no knowledge and Adam was available but not - so we lost a $900 because we could not get it fixed properly not to mention the 4 days of exasperating frustration - ended up calling upon old tech to save the day along with a friend who used to work on IBM machines - anyone else out here feel the same aout the lack of help here?
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Sorry for the late response, I check for anything on the the MS One since I'm now basically stuck with one. I found out through talking with the tech Adam, that Pedro has abandoned the US Market and we are now SOL (Sorry Out of Luck). I went so far as to call Italy to the Headquarters, and was told I would get a call back from the owner, which never came. Sorry for the bad news, but wanted to share what I could. You know anybody wanted to buy a used dtg printer with no support, lol , for cheap, send them my way.
I bought an MS-One two years ago, and it has yet to print a single shirt.
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