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Mrs. Frustrated

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Im new to the site and lost with my new cutter/plotter. I own a small t-shirt company and I recently upgraded to a Graphtec CE6000-60 plus. I honestly used a silhouette cameo before and it was too much work. I have my amazing Graphtec plotter and i cannot use the software. My designs will not load into Graphtec Pro Studio. I am contemplating buying Illustrator and learning it so i can then use the Cutting Master 4 plug in. I don't know where to start and have order that need to be shipped by Friday. :confused:
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Looks like it's back to the trusty old Cameo then! I'd never take orders for a machine I hadn't mastered to some degree.
I may have to use it to get these out. Hoping I could get help to lead me in the right direction. Once i learn this graphtec then it will speed my production time up a lot. :)
Shannon. Have you contacted the supplier?
The place I bought it from is local and they are always so busy they don't take the time. I have so many designs in .svg, .eps and .dxf but I can't get them to convert. When I try .dxf then it actually shows but everything isnt right. I was hoping the right person that went through this before ,ight see my post and lead me in the right direction.
When I upgraded from a Cameo to a Graphtec the most frustrating thing was having to redo all my designs in the Graphtec software as it couldn't import from the Cameo software.
You should be able to use .eps ok. I find it the best format to export from my software. Dxf runs way to slow. You will have to select .eps from the drop down file menu when you try to open it in the CE6000 and then save as .gstudio. The menu is set to open .gstudio by default.

I have had problems with missing bits in the outline. I get round this by converting the design to curves before I export from my vector software - take a copy before you do this or you will not be able to edit the design in the future.
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