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Mpress 16x20 are they any good

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I wonder if anyone here has bought one of these and if
the heat is the same across the platen and the pressure
is even too.
The price is low and wonder if maybe to low, whats the build
like. Just for doing some of my own stuff.
Ive also been looking at the Fusion with its roll out table
and swing away platen, I know its alot more but Im sure its
built. I do like the ability to set pressure with digital numbers,not the compressor model but the one that sell for
around $1800

Just wondered if these Mpress are any good too, might be good for a backup too if I went with a Manual Fusion model.
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I'm in the same boat with you. I stupidly bought a PromoHeat on sale from Amazon before doing my research. I'm sure we have both realized that quality is going to cost on the press. I always go for quality but I need a new Macbook as well so I'm trying to scrimp. The reviews on this one you mentioned I would say tell the tale of a cheaper brand. It's going to be hit or miss. I'm tempted to send mine back for the one you posted here just because it's digital.
i went with the pro world one for $299 it has the best warranty and is located in NJ within 2 hours of my house i can drive there if something big goes wrong.
I have been looking at the mpress myself, I think I might buy one with my tax return lol
when i asked the diff between mpress and black they said it is a HUGE difference, float platen, heating element much better on black, etc...

the pro world has float platen, and NO shipping and emails you a $50 credit to use there (which i forgot and bought the bra, teflon sheet and stuff without :( (but i still want pillows so i'll use it) ... ONLY PUT HEATPRESS IN CART FOR FREE SHIPPING ... then use the $50 off to get all the extras you need.

heat press nation has $40-50 shipping

expressions vinyl has a great machine too ... it's made/recommended by siser easy weed.

as i said final for me was floating platen, lifetime warrenty on planten and location of company
Which press are you talking about from Proworld with the floating platen? Link please?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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