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mPower Firmware

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So I posted some of this in another thread that really wasn’t about firmware (but it kinda evolved). I had a bunch of pm questions show up and a suggestion that I post this in its own thread. So hear we go!!

This is how I updated my firmware and my theory... Just a theory and how I think it works... I don’t work for anajet nor did I design anything with the mPower (or any other printer). I’m actually new to the DTG world and learning printer just like all of you... lol...

So from 1.0.1 to 1.0.3 they added ink usage and tracking for each cartridge. Basically how much ink is available in percent (100% full to 0% empty). So we don't have to weigh each cartridge and or guess if it's empty. A necessary feature in my opinion btw!!!

How the printer reads cartridges (most if not all printers I THINK work this way):

The printer programs each and every cartridge we put in the printer with a unique number (I'm assuming a number code). Just like on your digital cameras every picture you take gets named something different but usually in a sequential order.

If the printer is powered on with firmware 1.0.1 and you insert a new cartridge, its going to automatically read that cartridge and give it a memory (program it) to 1.0.1, the second your printer reads that new cartridge. Therefor that new cartridge is now 1.0.1 for life. So then if you upgrade to 1.0.3 with that same cartridge in your machine at anytime your going to get errors, cause that cartridge is already programmed to 1.0.1.

Because 1.0.3 HAS ink tracking & 1.0.1 does NOT:

A new ink cartridge has so many grams of ink in it when its brand new and 100% full (they might measure it in cc's or oz's in the firmware, but I'm going to talk grams cause most people will probably understand the weight). The printer probably (I’m not an expert) calculates this percent on some sort of formula based on the printer programming each individual cartridge with a unique number code (like the digital camera example I used above).

So the printer now knows each cartridge is 100% full when programmed. So with every print you rip into the printer it calculates how much of what colors it needs to print each design. So the formula subtracts and calculates those numbers from your 100% ink levels. Basically its calculating and subtracting how much ink its pulling out each time you do a print, head clean, purge lines etc.

If you try and install a used ink cartridge that is (lets say) 80% full, that was being used with firmware 1.0.1 (which doesn’t “track” ink usage) on the new 1.0.3 firmware (which does “track” ink usage) how would the printer know it's only 80% full? The printer is NOT calculating how much ink is left by the weight of each cartridge (we don't have scales built into each cartridge bay weighing in grams how much ink we have left).

This may (keyword: MAY) only be a problem jumping from firmware 1.0.1 to 1.0.3 because they added the "ink tracking and usage feature". Now that; that's a feature in the firmware, hopefully when installing the next firmware they release, you won't have those cartridge read errors and have to install brand new cartridges across the board. That would be a bummer. The only reason I can see that having to happen is if they make an adjustment to the formula that calculates the percent of ink that is left. We shall wait and see and cross our fingers, cause I don’t know any printer that runs out of all the inks at the exact same time...!!
Who knows? I could be way off base with this...

How I upgraded from 1.0.1 to 1.0.3

I was out of white ink but all my others (cmyk cartridges) still seemed to have about 1/2 left (guessing). So I printed a bunch of prints just practicing and trying things (without printing white obviously).

1. I Removed ALL ink cartridges (even the ones that wheren't empty.)
2. Updated the firmware to 1.0.3 (just as they described in the instructions)
3. The machine turns off automatically.
5. Flipped the main power switch off (switch on the back of the printer).
6. I waited about 10 sec and flipped the main switch back on.
8. I Powered the printer back up from the front panel. (It said v1.0.3 on the top of the screen after it was all booted up)
9. Then it showed no inks on the bottom of the panel (obviously, cause I still have NO ink cartridges in the printer...).
10. Opened up new (still sealed in plastic) ink cartridges (ALL 6 - FULL SET) and installed them and it took about 2 seconds as I put each cartridge in for the panel to recognize each one as GOOD.


Now if I where to try and put those 1/2 used color (cmyk) ink cartridges back in the printer I would have problems, errors because of my theory above.

I still have those 1/2 full color cartridges (and wasting ink would just suck) I'm just going to save them and if I get a bunch of NON white ink prints I need to do I can revert back to 1.0.1 (takes a matter of minutes) use those up. I even saved the empty white cartridges cause I will put those back in the printer even though I won't be printing white so the machine doesn't suck any air and create self inflicted problems.

Again I don’t work for anajet nor did I design anything to do with the mPower (or any printer), Its just my theory and what worked for me.
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Just a few notes on gram weights that I have learned, while doing weight
and ink usage calculations...

Full ink cart: 377-380 grams
Usable ink per cart: 220 grams, roughly 8oz
Empty cart weight: 160 grams or so

Just the ink bag, 15 grams
Just the ink cart casing, 145 grams

Thanks to Billy from onthespotgraphix for the bag / cart only weights
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That's good info killer.

Also from what I understand users with older ink cartridges have problems with 1.0.3 because of the chips on the cartridges. Because the new firmware won't print if the printer can't read the cartridge and won't print if the cartridge is empty. But the old firmware 1.0.1 essentially ignored the ink cartridge if it was empty or not and could suck air etc. So you that are having issue could be the fact that your ink cartridges could have the older generation chips on them... meaning you where prob some of the first to get your mpowers. I got mine in march

Got to give you kudos for the detailed instructions on updating firmwear. We concquered this machine last night after replacing a few chips and installing new cartridges.

Thanks for sharing!

Billy Potts

Got to give you kudos for the detailed instructions on updating firmwear. We concquered this machine last night after replacing a few chips and installing new cartridges.

Thanks for sharing!

Billy Potts
Is there anything in the new firmware that you find yourself using often? (ie manual circulation etc)
yes it does have manual circulation
yes it does have manual circulation
Yes I know, I was wondering if that and anything else are actually useful and being used to fix issues.
Is there anything in the new firmware that you find yourself using often? (ie manual circulation etc)
Sorry I've been out of town. Well I love the fact I can see how much ink I have left. That is huge, I check it often. I also love that if and when you do run out of ink the machine will stop printing. Also I believe they made changes to the auto circulation mode when the printer is idle. I would assume they did that for the better so that can't hurt performance for sure.

I did hear that there are some big big changes coming to the rip and firmware so I'm excited to see what that is. Hopefully an ink estimate so we know what each print costs (roughly)
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