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Mouse track wheel zoom in

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I know there must be a button or switch somewhere for this.

When I'm home on my desktop, I can use the center track wheel on my mouse to zoom in and out on a page, rather than constantly clicking on the magnifying glass. When I use CorelDraw X3 on my laptop, it only does it once in a while. What setup do I change to get it to do it all the time. It gets annoying to always have to click on the magnifying glass to zoom in on an object.

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Greg I just looked in my mouse settings in my control panel and there is not a function for zooming that you can set for the wheel in all programs.

In corel draw it should do it all the time. I know if you go into options, general, toolbox and go to the bottom there is a setting for zoom in there. Mine was already checked and it doesnt seem to make a difference whether I have it clicked on or not, it still zooms with the wheel in or out.

That is wierd that it would only do it sometimes, I have never had that problem.
Yep, it works all the time at home on my desk top but only sometimes on my laptop. Not sure why.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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