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Motorcycle Plate

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Does any one know of a place you can get blank Motorcycle plates 4 by 7 i use lazer transfer and vinyl and some times I make astencil and use a spray can. I have take a panted color plate and engraved on it to come out silver on the plate. Most places have 3 by 6 witch is bycle plate and is to small.
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Hi Tom. If there is a specific size that you cannot obtain, you can cut larger items down to size, then just sand the edges.

Alternatively you can coat aluminium of the required size with sublimation fluid. Leave it for 24 hours to thoroughly dry and it will be ready for your transfer.
They don't need to be coated because I use lazer transfer most of the time but buy the time you cut down 100 its not worth it.
On that sort of quantity, it may be far cheaper for your local aluminium stockholder to shear them down to size for you.

Sublimation specific products, tend to be far too expensive anyway.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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