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Mother board failure? or other issues?

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We started having some issues today with our printer...

started a print and or anything, nozzle check, head clean etc.

once it starts as planned, just quits mid stream and red eject light goes out instantly and we hear like a usb dong from comp like cord was un-plugged mid stream, and printer quits.....

any ideas?

we switched port and restarted comp, but continued.

hoping this is just some glitch that will go away.

thanks for any help
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Hi Mark,

Try bypassing the internal USB cable and plugging directly into the motherboard. It could be that the internal USB cable or the USB coupler (called a bucanneer) has failed/is failing.
how long is your USB cord ?
I agree with Don, it sounds like USB related. Does your USB cords have the gold tips? these are highly recommended for DTG.
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