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Most Suitable Poster inks.

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I am currently based in the UK and am broadening my current t-shirt business into posters and flat substrates. I am having real difficulty in finding some sort of decent pre-mixed poster ink that can be bought in litres as opposed to Gallons. I know this is probably a bad forum to ask about poster printing, but it's a difficult subject to find an answer for!

There is System 3 Acrylic which is readily available and when mixed with a binder works well, however it's not what i would imagine to be a high quality print. I haven't tested this yet, but a few of the painters that work near me suggest System 3 is a terrible acrylic paint, not sure how well that translates to screen printing, but i need to have a decent level of quality.

I have tried Permaprint which is relatively good.... except it dries in the screen after 2 pulls even WITH back flooding on a 71 mesh... This stuff allegedly goes through 120 meshes as standard... somehow i don't think so.

I have looked into TW Inks, and they seem like the best bet, however they are only sold unmixed in gallons with base and pigment needing mixing, pigment is £80 per gallon, base is £60, which is ridiculous.

I'm tempted to order Nazdar or Speedball from America and have it shipped over, because i can't see any other option currently in getting a decent poster ink. Nazdar has an office in the UK but the ONLY ink it doesn't stock readily is the 2700 Series Waterbased poster ink...

Does anyone have any suggestions here?
Thanks in advance.
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I've tested Speedball poster ink and it leaves a nice finish. Can't say how well it stays open in the screen, but it comes in small containers and you could buy a couple to see how you like it.
Matsui water based textile ink is also supposed to work well on flat stock.
Some sort of ghetto poster printers use flat latex wall paint modified with a bit of an additive called Flotrol, sold here in home improvement stores.
If you haven't already, you might want to go over to gigposters.com and look through the forums for advice.
Ta mate, i just found a UK stockist for Speedball too, so i'll check them out or use Lascaux acrylic with binder. I've tried over at Gigposters, got a handy suggestion (Lascaux) but it's not like the US, you have a massive selection of waterbased inks, fabric and for flat stock! Waterbased over here exists as Permaset Aqua or Virus (Which is new this year)!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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