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Most popular style of caps?

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Hi there,

I'm going to be offering caps for the first time and am unsure on which style to choose.

My audience skews young and hip as they work in design or advertising. They might also consider themselves very fashion forward. I'm also looking for a higher quality product rather than just the cheapest solution.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I have two styles that are in right now one is the Wild life caps by DRI-DUCK the other is a flat bill fitted cap
Thanks. My research tells me that new era has great brand recognition. Leave the tag on is what one person said.

I guess the next question is flat bill vs. trucker style. The latter sure are ugly.
The only problem with New Era wholesale line is the only offer the snap back closure. Most of my hipster-younger customers like the fitted feel like Flexfit. Flexfit offers a flat-bill 6089F.
Truckers are definitely in! Flexfit has another fitted flatbill the 6210
I cringe when a contract customer sends us new era hats to embroider. Their structured caps are so rigid, you can have registation issues with the best embroidery machines available. We like flex fit and outdoor cap. Outdoor cap has sample packages you can buy that are great. You have a choice for basic, fashion, camo, etc. The packages are a great tool for your shop, very inexpensive for the sample packs. And when you're done with that years sample pack, you can offer them to customers either blank or embroidered for a discounted price.
I don't embroider on new era caps they don't work very well on my machine. Use to get one good one out of 4
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