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Our goal here is to Spot Colour Separate the art in house and save it in multiple formats so that we can outsource it with no charges when needed, then save it in all the relevant formats to be sure the guy doing it no longer holds us hostage with phone tag and his weekend junkets with his side action. lol. We want the art we send ready to roll. No matter what machine or format they use.

I am seeing a that different shops use different Colour Separation Software and thus different formats.
To complicate matters, each shop has a different knowledge base. Many do not know how to work with certain softwares or formats.
Can anyone suggest the best way to structure / put together a file directory so the art has all the common formats it needs to prevent lengthy delays and huge charges by other peoples art departments when we need to outsource our work ?

I have been telling my guys to use the most common formats, and given the confusion, I have said to save it as .svg (we use InkScape), .ai, .pdf (a guy wants us to use these), .png and now .tiff (because a separation programme uses it), CYMK and Pantone. <-- You can see me ignorance here.

For example - lets say I have a directory named Drunk Taco and I wanna cover my bases all the way around.
If I had the files saved in .svg, .png, and .ai as well as .dst, would that cover 90% of the screen print machines and so forth ? (Obviously, .dst is for the embroidery files)
Is there anything I should add ?

thank you....
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