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More than Happy with the Vrloci Jet

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I must say after using the Veloci Jet printer now for over 3 months it is the best DTG printer I have had, I started with the original red TJET and have owned every table top version since then and still have a blazer express that we use very seldom. Since the Veloci Jet arrived we have printed with it on a daily basis an averages of 300 - 400 shirts weekly and have had not one major issue with the machine. Generally on our old t-jet 2's we would have changed a print head by now, but not yet on this machine. Anyone in the market for a DTG printer I would suggest strongly taking a look at the Veloci Jet. Not to mention the excellect customer support that Harry and his crew have at Equipment Zone. I am not an employee or have any speacial deal with Equipment Zone I am just telling it like it is. To anyone buying one or already have one I would suggest shaking your white ink bottles good every morning and wait 30 minutes before turning the machine on. This keeps the white from settling in the bottom of the bottles.
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i was looking at this unit and was going to start a new thread last night. Not meaning to hijack a thread so if I am posting improperly I apologize and would ask a mod to move or delete. I was going to ask if there was anyone who owned this unit that wished they had gone another direction. After seeing your report I thought it would be ok to ask if there are any other folks who feel differently. I have not seen anything negative posted yet other than maybe a delivery time problem. May I ask you how is the maintainance? I was looking at a different model but a user replied to a question I posed and the amount of work needed to keep the other unit running and printing scared me. I talked to harry last night and it seems like this unit requires a 5 minute procedure each print day or each day that honestly is more my speed and fits my schedule better. I have a gt 541 and I figure on lights with 2 sides i can run 1 side on brother and other on this and double throughput and of course now can do dark garments and white inks with out a hour a day devoveted to cleaning and up keep. Is your daily routine long or short for up keep? Are there any things you can't do that you thought you could? Also on a 4x11 full color on dark what is approximate print time?

Glad to hear you are having success with the unit.

Did you or would you suggest getting the pretreatment machine?

Thanks Again
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Awesome post, Mark. Ever since I first saw it at an openhouse at their quarters last September, I have been impressed with it. Due to financial constraints I can't afford to buy now but it remains on my wishlist. Continued success with yours, Mark. Wish you well!
Thanks for the somment. I just wanted to let people know that it really is a great machine. One thing I wish they had was a 2 up board for infant and todler shirts. Like with my Blazer express I have a 2 up pocket board with 2- 5" x 5" print area for both. This would be a great addition. I am already using the 2 up board for youth shirts but the baby stuff is to little. I have made my one for the blazer work in the veloci jet but it is has to have 2 sided tape on the bottom side to work and it is a pain in the butt.

We are working on an infant size dual shirt holder. Expect to see it within the next month. And thank you for the kind comments on the Veloci-Jet XL.

Equipment Zone
Hearing how great Equipment Zone's support really puts my mind at ease since it was their reputation that was the deciding factor. I think I might get my Veloci Jet next week. I can't wait for it.​
Harry, email me as soon as the infant size shirt holder is available.​
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