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More signcut help

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Is it possible to cut just the logo rather than the border which surrounds it? Im finding that a 110x40mm logo has a 120mm square border which signcut cuts round first thus creating alot of waste.
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Don't know the program, so couldn't really tell ya. Here's some tips on what to look for though:
Look in the program settings for anything about a bounding box or a weeding box, as that sounds like what it may be doing.

If you're using fonts that are stretched out of proportion in applications like CorelDraw, you may need to convert them to curves before exporting. On my Versacamm it will eat up extra vinyl and sometimes make the image too large to fit the material unless I convert it curves beforehand.

Other things to check for would be to go to a wireframe mode if available and see if there's any way to remove the extra box, as sometimes when programs import vector designs they do flakey things like that.
Hi, thanks, i have unchecked the weeding box which stops the extra box around the outside but the image still has a box around it.

I think this maybe an image problem rather than a signcut problem. Im guessing if the size of the image is say 120mm x 120mm but the logo itself is only 110x40mm then signcut will still cut out the whole image and the logo inside it.

Does that sound right?
That's probably what is happening. What are you using in conjunction with signcut for your design?

For example with CorelDraw , you can draw a rectangle that's 110mmx40mm exact and then use the "Place object in Container" function to crop it to that exact size, the nice thing about this is you can reposition the image inside of the container, then whenever you export, it will be the exact dimensions you need.
Im still struggling with this :(

Im using Inkscape at the mo, as dont have coreldraw or illustrator. Even in inkscape the logo im trying to crop is surrounded by a MUCH bigger border than i need, thus creating alot of waste.

The logo itself is approx 110x40mm so im wasting approx 80mm per logo which soon adds up across a width of roll.

Need some help on this.

Here's a tutorial on how to clip with inkscape, haven't used it, but hopefully it helps.
Inkscape (en)
Thanks for that, i read about Masks, but i cant see how the changes can be made in inkscape.

As you'll notice, masks offer the ability for you to texture objects, give them depth, and other things that clip paths can't provide
Im now thinking that i need to make any changes before getting the image to SVG stage?

The orginal logo was in the form of EPS.

Could it be that the image size has been set here?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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