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Hi All,

Some may remember me from previous post where I was interested in getting a machine. Well, since then I got myself a second hand HM-1C from Riaan (from these forums). I am loving it!

I have some questions if you don't mind looking into, otherwise please can you point me to previous threads if this was covered before.

1) I am totally competent in the graphic side of T-shirt printing. I have been doing colour seps and repro for T-shirt printers now for about 15 years, and specialize in the complex full colour stuff. I want to be able to use this knowledge on my HM-1 machine but find myself very limited with the Print-Pro software. Is there a way that I can print directly from Corel Draw or Photoshop to the HM-1, or is there any better suited software around to cater for the more advanced graphics people?

2) I am looking for some good pre-treatment advice if possible as I am struggling with coloured shirts right now. Also, does anyone know if there is or could be a new ink in the pipeline that would not require pre-treatment?

I am sure I will have plenty more questions, so will use this thread for the rest. If anyone has any graphics questions on Photoshop and Corel Draw, please feel free to ask me and I will do my best to help.

Thank you.
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