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MOQ Question - Please Help!

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Hey friends,

I'm currently negotiating with potential shirt manufacturers, but I'm a bit of a newb in this area (and don't want to come across as one during negotiations), so I could use your insight.

Regarding MOQs - when a manuafacturer says their MOQ is "1,000 per style," are they referring to a specific cut, but all sizes?

For example, would 1,000 MOQ per style mean 1,000 women's tanks (any color/screen print), or 1,000 women's tanks of one specific color / size / screen print?

In other words, could the 1,000 include various sizes and colors and screens if they were all the same women's tank design? Or is it more specific like "1,000 blue size small X-screen"? Or does this vary widely with manufacturers?

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks so much! :)
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