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Monthly Art Walk in Downtown Los Angeles

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Brand new to this forum, the business, and tradeshows/events, but I wanted to share our first experience getting our stuff out there.

Each month, usually the first Thursday there is a huge Art Walk in Downtown Los Angeles. http://www.downtownartwalk.org

Within 5 or 6 blocks there are tons of galleries, apparel/fashion stores hosting various parties, dj sets, bands, art exhibits..pretty much anything you can think of. The entire demographic is relatively young 18-25 and to describe in some buzzwords "trendy, urban, fashion-forward".

Amongst this a free publication Citizen LA hosts an Art Park where various vendors can setup booths, primarily, artists, crafters, and shirt companies.

We had a booth setup this last Thursday for the first time and it was a great experience. 100s-1000s of people flowed through the area and we got some great exposure and sold a handful of shirts.

I suggest you contact them but to give you the nitty-gritty details:

Cost: $80
Time: 3-10pm (people didn't really start showing up until 5-6)
Space: 10' x 10'
Details: Power supplied but limited to 100w unless you have your own power supply or something.

Sorry for the long post..hope this is helpful to the local LAers.
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Hi there,

Have you continued to do the Art Walk? I'm considering doing it next week and would love any helpful pointers you might have? Did you have to supply your own tent? Has it been a successful venture for you? Any tips or pointers?

Thanks so much,

I try to go every month ( My good friend lives right in the middle of it )
But this seems very tempting! It's got a very cool vibe, definitely going to try and make the next one? I will let you guys know how it goes.

Soiree Clothing
Everyone is your competitor in this type of atmosphere- whether they're sell shirts, music, electronics, art and even the flower vendors. The foot traffic is just there for a good time and more than likely didn't come for any one thing in particular. That translates to impulse buying. A fool and his money.

Some strategies that may increase your sales:
•Given the demographic, an attractive woman or two working the booth (and wearing your shirts) with you is almost a given. This is an age group that has males full of hormones and young women who want to be the woman that they lust over.
•A back drop will help reduce distractions and make it much easier for you to obtain and maintain eye contact.
•Resist the urge to play with the phone when traffic is slow. Get out in front or to the side of your booth and bark the sales pitch. Prepare to be heckled and have friendly comebacks ready. Passerbys will get a kick out of it and... well... stop passing by and check out your goods.
•It's important to go into crowd control mode when your booth is seeing a lot of action. Use suggestive language to basically send the message of "buy or move on" to those that are BSing around. Don't give those in the back the oppurtinity to turn to the person that they are with and say, "We'll come back later." because they won't.
•If you want a shot at follow up business and you don't relabel then you need your company name and a way to contact you to end up in their hands one way or the other. On the bag, printed in the shirt, etc.
•Always set up in, or as near as possible to, the same location every time.

Bah! Phone is about dead. Hope this helps someone. g2g.
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Great info, I know exactly how it is in that building and you couldn't have said it better!
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