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Monogram Machine Help?

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I'd like to get an older industrial monograming machine up and running and I was wondering what type of monogram designing software is the best to use? I need a software to create new and update designs along with company name and logos and such. Does anyone have ant advice? I have never created designs before, honestly I haven't even used the machine that much. Any input is appreciated! Thanks in Advance!
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I have only been doing the whole embroidery thing a few years so my help is limited. How old is the monogram machine? Some of the older stuff uses REALLY OLD tech like floppy drives and such. If it's new enough for regular computing I have seen a few posts that talked about affordable digitizing software. Seems like several were in the few hundred dollar range.
What file can it take. Can it take .dst. There are many software out there such as hatch by wilcom, Brother software and more.
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