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Monogram Font Pack

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i am looking for standard Monogram font packs that would be available to purchase. Packs and fonts that you would see offerd in monogram magazines. I have melco design shop pro that has some monograms available. Any other suggestions.
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Most people use Monogram Wizard Plus Go to www.needleheads.com
This is the software that people use that monogram alot.
Thank you. I wil check them out.
I use monogram wizard plus. Party Time and Master Circle are two of my most popular.

I also use truetype fonts with my regular digitizing software to make "monograms". Just set your three letters individually and make the middle letter bigger.
Just a question, would it be easier to use true type fonts that are already in your system or that are downloadable?
Fierra, I am not sure if you are asking for information or if you are asking the starter of this thread a rhetorical question, I am going to answer as if you are asking for information.

When I first got started I used basic truetype fonts to do a lot of my monograms. My digitizing software converts truetype fonts to embroidery files. But then I quickly bought a program like monogram wizard.
yeah...it was a question for information.
I'm doing what you did and converting the true types in my software but didn't know if this was the wrong way to go, time and money wise, for a starter.
Thanks for the reply!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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