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Is it me or does it seem like the suppliers in our industry are the ones making the $$$? Care to comment?
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Of course they are -- they've been in business the longest, and it's profits that keep you there. That being said, new suppliers come and go daily, and being a supplier is a much bigger risk than being a retailer. Try opening a blank garment warehouse or an ink warehouse and watch how much money it costs to run.

I run a garment shop, and I make fantastic money. I started a website a little over a year ago selling designs and that site is making fantastic money. In the beginning the website wasn't making jack, so i put my own money in every month ($3000 the first month, of my own money, $1500 the second month, of my own money). Most websites would close up -- I stuck to it and kept releasing new designs and kept emailing my previous customers questions on what I can do better.

Stick to it, find your niche, market when you're not printing/selling, and stay in touch with your customers -- and you'll make easier money than trying to sling blanks or ink.
As the saying goes... when people are digging for gold, sell pickaxes...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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