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Mom's shirt for kids sports

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I am in desperate need of designs for moms who have more than one kid playing sports. I cannot find ANYTHING anywhere! Example: I have a mom who has a softball player (Twins) and a basketball player (Flames) and she wants it on the same shirt. Does anyone know of such a design or something similar? I thought of maybe making the 2 teams logos side by side?? Just seems sort of blah!! Hoping someone has seen or done something like this. THANKS! :)
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Never have seen a product like this.
Well as of this minute 143 people have viewed this post and no one has responded so i am thinking this is a bad sign!
I had a feeling there was nothing out there. Guess I will see what I can come up with. :(
This would be a design issue. Need to mesh two logos. I haven really seen anything blatant like that. I would farm it out to a college graphic design student or a freelance artist. I think it's very doable. Like a pair of twin stick figures on fire?????
I actually don't want to mesh the 2 logos - just looking for a generic type of design that I would be able to use both of her kids logos on. I did find one that said:
"Mom cannot be in 2 places at the same time!" It had a picture of a football and a picture of a softball to represent BOTH of her kids. So far that is all I have seen. Still working on it....
I was thinking about 2 identical flames. With maybe the name twins along one and flames along the other. Or maybe a softball and basketball leaning against each other?
Gotcha. I really don't know what I would do with that one that wouldn't be super cheesy. Like a coat of arms with "all in the family".
there are tons of ideas and a few good ones given, but sounds like the op kinda knows what he wants but just cant explain or put it in to vision
we do a few of these during the year. normally the customer comes in with a clue of what they want though.

We would use the word MOM and incorporate the 2 designs on the M's for this one.
Cool - that sounds like a neat idea.
go to transferexpress.com and they have layouts that have pictures of different sports you can combine.
I just made a shirt with four sports.
How about two softball bats crossed with a basketball in the center.... Maybe put names on the bats and basketball to personalize their sports. I would also try to incorporate your Flames as a backround.... Thinking a simple 4 color seperation should work depending on the colors of their teams of course.

I had something similiar with softball and baseball so i got lucky with bats and a ball. kind of look the same.. :)
Great idea! I am working on something with the bat and basketball right now! :D
Great idea! I am working on something with the bat and basketball right now! :D
Just curious how your design turned out?
It was ok - she decided not to go with it in the end and got a single shirt for each of her kids team names in polka dots instead! It was tough to make the 2 sports mesh without looking really strange!
I had a client who wanted the mascot name on front. On the back, she wanted the last name with a football on one side and a basketball on the other as her son played both. Worked out very well and generated other orders. This was done in rhinestones. Could have easily also put MOM on the front under the mascot name. She did not want MOM on the shirt. However in your case where there are two different team names, two shirts would be a better solution.
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