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Molotov Cocktails

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I've been tossing this idea around with my business partner. Our designs are mostly involving social and political issues and the activism behind it. I thought it would be really cool to make molotov cocktails with our shirt sticking out the top for the rag and the label of the bottle have our brand name on it.

I understand it's pretty impractical for web sales or anywhere you're not allowed to have glass. Thought it might just be cool to use for select trade shows and conventions.

What do you guys think?
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Who wants to buy a shirt soaked in petrol?

I'm joking, but there's a point in there: plenty of people sell shirts in jars/bottles, etc., and having it stick out the top is just a common form of presentation. The link to molotov cocktails won't necessarily be obvious unless you can somehow make it explicit.

The other part is, would you want to? I don't know. I'd be concerned about offending customers (I know it will offend some people... the only question is whether or not they'd be customers anyway). When it comes to terrorism, people can't take a joke. Controversy can be harnessed, but I'd be concerned this one would just be more trouble than it's worth. Who wants to argue with a trade show operator about whether or not you should be allowed to do what you're doing?

That said... make some prototypes. I'm skeptical it could be worth the cost or the grief of actually doing, but it might be one of those little things that sets your brand apart. Maybe it'll look tasteful, but visually interesting. With things like this... you've got to try it and see what happens - even if it's only setting up a few on your kitchen table and seeing what your friends think. Take things out of the realm of ideas, get physical.
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Haha thanks I really appreciate the input. Yeah I thought about creating some kind of a paper flame to use near the top to get the idea across a little better. Another problem I thought of was getting a bottle with a big enough neck to fit a t-shirt, but my partner quickly pointed out that Labatt 40's have a really big neck.

On the terrorism point, I don't think our market would construe it as that. I'm looking to market to activists, punks, etc....being one myself. Molotov cocktails to me represent change and revolution, but I can see where you are coming from.

Yeah it's not really cost efficient and not feasible in most places, but places where you're looking to stand out I thought it might be a cool gimmick.
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