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Mofo design comp

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Hey there...

Some great news...here at Mofo, were launching a competition to design our new homepage and win US$1000! Details below..

Mofo is offering dollars...quite a few of them. A thousand to be exact. To design a new kick-***, revolutionary, never quite seen anything like it, homepage.

We're calling for the best whacky, irreverent, cool, underground designers from around the world to rise to the challenge and take the Mofo dollars.

Mofo is a t-shirt brand out of L.A. and now based in Melbourne / Sydney that smacks of movies like Foxy Brown and Shaft, L.A. street art and stencilling, inspired by Pam Grier, Robert Blake, Vida Guerra, early hip-hop, b movies and the original bling from 30 years ago that set-up the foundations for L.A. / Hollywood cool that it is today. Our t-shirts reflect a story of a life in L.A. reflected and released in themed episodes, such as Streets of L.A. and Hardboiled.

As a friend of a mate of a buddy of Mofo it would be cool if you could pass this on to anyone with a
passion for design and for brands that are more than a screen print on a cheap t-shirt. To those that love to feel, discover and create something that brings a brand to life and allows people to go..."cool, I get it!"

Go to http://www.mofobrand.com/contest for more details.

Great to meet you guys!!

Ad @ Mofo

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Hi Ad, welcome to the T-Shirt Forums.

I hope you'll stick around past your "introduction" post. You have an interesting brand name there (it would fit perfectly with one of my sites :))

Do you plan to sell online?
Yes, thats the plan. First stage is design for the site, hence the comp. We're already working on the back end. But, we're two guys doing this in our spare time...so takes time.

Let me know your thoughts on Mofo...ad at mofobrand dot com
I have actually seen a lot of the mofo line, my friends store stocked them, i may even have 1 of the tops, i always get them confused with tight knickers.

I'd love to meet the people involved in the brand 1 time

Take care.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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