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Mobile t-shirt printing

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We?ve been in the printing business 18 years & primarily cater to the music industry for their band merch. Not just tees but CDs, stickers, koozies, etc. We do 2-3 events of our own each year & have started researching mobile t-shirt printing to do onsite. Any of you do that? We won?t do screen printing, just transfers with heat press and some personalization. If any of you do this do you primarily order preprinted transfers or preprint at your shop? If you do it do you use thermoflex and if so what brand/product of media do you prefer? Have you experienced success? Seems like a natural diversification for us by nature of what we do and our captive audience. I just don?t want headaches of the logistics & expense of screen printing onsite.

Thanks for any feedback!

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I have seen several people selling their trailers around us. They are pretty awesome. I am considering getting involved also.
We do live screen printing events with much success. Other than word of mouth after a successful order, there has been no other factor we can contribute to our growth and success other than doing live events for the last 10 years.
Yes there is a bit of planning, a lot of learning on the fly, but you cannot underestimate the potential- Meeting future clients, booking further events and just generally connect with your community to meet the people that love what you do.

The general public has no idea how a graphic tee or poster is made and they are completely fascinated to see it done in person.

It's highly recommended to do it. Just one word of caution though: Be prepared to have some random guy talk your ear off all night about how "Me and buddy used to do this in his garage years ago..."
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