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Mobile Screen Printing

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I am still pretty new to the whole screen printing industy and have been thinking about selling items at sporting events, etc... I have seen these guys before that set up at venues and make the shirts on spot. Do these guys have a different set up than the manual press I have in my store or is it the samething. Just curious if they make up there artwork and screens before hand and take them with them. Are they having to have power for the dryer to dry the ink once the image is printed? If anybody has any knowlegde about this type of operation please let me know.

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there is some great topics in the forums already. Just search the forums a little. Most people bring 10-20 screens with images burned, a lot of shirts and a generator for the flash dryer. I have seen a good cleanup done with packing the screens squeeges in trash bags and cleaning them back at the shop. you can do mulitple colors, but one color prints are easier to do while you have a crowd.
Screen printing on trade shows? never seen that.
I saw ppl having a heat press and a bunch of shirts and transfers but not a screenprinting setup on a fair ....
how would you screenprint every shirt.... meeeh its either I didnt get it or you didn't... ;)
most of the time it is one person taking orders and one screen printing. part of the fun is seeing the shirt being made. I have seen the heat transfer too.
do you make screens there? do register multi colour jobs there?
you bring the screens pre exposed and I would never try to register a screen in front of someone. Plus as the day goes the screen has more and more ink on it. just do one offs
Does humidity and temperature affect the curing process for Plastisol inks outside? Or should you use water-based inks?

For a conveyor dryer, do you have to take a generator or will the plugs provided by the hosting facility be okay?
it all depends, we did a rodeo a few year back and they charged 250 for 2 nights, that included power and table with a tent. we also did a fair that charged 300 and all it included was the spot . my advice for you is just to ask.

if your gonna sale a few design i would say make it simple one color print. have design pre-registered. that way you have ton of time.
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thanks and what about curing on the conveyor outside?
I have printed at special events for about 35 years and have developed methods and equipment for that purpose. We can print up to 4 colors on one side and 1 on the other. We cure our shirts in a dryer I modified for use in our trailer. We our completely self contained and can run off of a car battery and converter if necessary.
I could do a seminar on all the things we have learned to do and not to do. Way to much information for this space.

P.S. Our shirts are just as good as when they printed in the shop.
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We've been doing on site for 10 years. We print up to 6 colors on site...flash dryer...220 conveyor dryer and we take our heat press for personalization(cut press vinyl). We make 12k-22k a weekend at our big events. It's 99% cash...we give 10% to the promoter for all gross sales. We sell t-shirts for 15.00 ea or 2 for 25.00 ....

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What type of events do y'all do? How do you book them??
Now we do High school track meets and cross country. We have done car shows, kite & balloon festivals, baseball& softball tournaments, wrestling, gymnastics, football, basketball, archery tournaments. We even did a family reunion once. We are very picky about what we do now, it's a lot of work and we're in our 60's. At one time we actively recruited events, not now. We don't have a store front anymore but we still get a lot of requests we won't do. Most of the events we have done for years and we pick up others by word of mouth.
We are looking to sell our business but hate to leave our faithful customers.
Have your screens made up and extras as the days goes on your will need back ups, friendly help...
That's my market, family reunions and class reunions. I like to stick with that market, any tips you can provide with family reunions? Do you think I need a trailer if I just using a heat press and plastisol transfers??

Blood, Sweat, and Vinyl Cutters! :)
I've seen plastisol heat transfers done at events before. They're easy, less mess, and do not take up as much space as a press and flash dryer would.
We wouldn't consider using transfers. People know the quality difference and we can print shirts faster than applying transfers. We see people at our events that wear shirts they bought from us 10 yrs before. I know transfers are improving but will they last to make a quilt in ten years. We have people collect our shirts and make quilts out of them.
I think transfers would be fine for the niche market I'm aiming for. It depends on the market you are after. Plastisol transfers have been used in mobile printing for years. And with promotional products, you do not need a product to last for decades after the event.
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I would agree there that there is a place for transfers.
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