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Mixing Poly Ink and Std Plastisol - Same Color

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I have an order coming up and it's 100% poly garments in royal blue. I had a pint of the IC Poly White, which I'm running low on. My order is only 22 shirts, but I'm planning on underbasing the whole print in the white, and then doing the other colors with low-cure on top.

My issue is: 1, I'm running low on the poly white. 2, I've had some issues with the poly white bleeding through the garment, sticking to the platen, and pulling up almost ALL of my adhesive after each print. Such a headache!

Has anyone cut poly white with standard plastisol white, like 50/50 and been okay with dye migration? I'm hoping to add some low cure to it too.

Possible duplicate, but couldn't find answers to my problem: http://www.t-shirtforums.com/plastisol-ink-screen-printing/t215469.html
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