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I'm new to screen printing, just thought I'd post this for the benefit of others who may be curious of the results.

I just did this experiment with an approximate 50-50 mix of the two inks and got sufficient opacity for the particular job I'm working on.

My reason behind this was to try and lessen the effect of ink drying and clogging the screens, as I noticed
my Permaset yellow regular ink was much more workable than the supercover white. Probably if I wanted more pop I would mix at 2 parts supercover to one part regular.

I was still leaving the stencil area flooded and giving the white a mist with a spray bottle of water periodically. Here are the results. All three prints shown were on different brands of shirts.
Sleeve Grey Font T-shirt Graphics

Sleeve T-shirt Font Rectangle Emblem

Sleeve Shorts T-shirt Font Sportswear
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