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Mixing Different Brands of Plastisol

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Hello! Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm printing up some shirts and I'm ordering some colors for it aside from black and white. The shirts have a varying lightness/darkness/ of the same colors of blue and orange. I have whites and blacks already.

My question would be, is it ok to mix different plastisol brands together? I'm ordering International Coatings and I have Union Ink's white and black, can I just mix those to lighten or darken?

Much appreciated!
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From experience, using different brands of mixing sets, can produce a pretty damn close pantone match. However you have to watch out for the cure times and temps between manufacturers. You may get a nice print out of the dryer. But the customer will find that the ink peels and cracks after a wash or two. Hope this helped!
We do it all the time. Our experience is the same as DNDL_MFG's. Make sure you watch low cure and regular ink cure temps. When using low cure, just add some low cure additive to the regular inks to bring the curing temp down to match ink with the lowest temp. Otherwise, we have 4 different manufacturers that we use on a daily basis because we like specific colors or the way it prints. We've been doing it for years and have had zero issues.
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