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Mixing different brands of ink

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I usually use Union ink but I have some Excalibur inks and extender too. I try to avoid mixing brands (ie adding Excalibur extender to Union ink) but I've always wondered is there any reason you shouldn't do this?

All plastisol inks are roughly the same makeup of pigment and plasticiser so I can't think of anything wrong with mixing two different brands together...but I know if I call a representative from any ink company he will tell me that mixing brands is not recommended (which is understandable since they don't want to be responsible for the performance of another brand of ink...)

So I thought I'd ask here. Do you guys ever mix colors or extenders of two different brands of ink?
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I have mixed different brands of ink/additives a few times with no adverse effects. I use Atlas brand curable reducer on QCM, Excalibur, and IC inks and have never had an issue. The web site even says not to use it with white ink, but I have and the world is still here, lol.

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