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Mix Maxopake + Epic Plastisols?

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Anyone ever mixed the Maxopake plastisol from Union with the Wilflex Epic series to get a custom color? I think I've done it on a limited basis, but have to run 800 black tees this time and want some positive reinforcement success stories from some other printers, lol. I need a green ink that's between traffic green (fluorescent) and lime. Test mix shows that something like 70% Epic yellow + 20% Maxopake traffic green + 10% Epic Kelly will get me there.

I'll do the standard stretch and wash tests to make sure it's cured, and doesn't separate from the Wilflex Epic base coat.

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I mixed epic with maybe more than 5 differents ink brand with no issues.

Just be sure to mix with Non-Phthalate to avoid contamination. and of course always do your ink test ^^
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