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A few days ago I was in the sweatshop working on some new prints I was eager to get started. It was late and I was tired, all I could think about was sleep. It was a real basic three color (blk, gry, wht)image of a guy on motorcycle going around a turn at full lean. So I set up the screens and lay down the first color, looks good so I keep the process going for the rest of the shirts and the other colors. As the first shirt comes around I am ready to lay the third color and notice that I never registered the screens so the two colors that were already down were off by a half inch. At this point I was pissed so I just called it quits.

The next day I take the shirts off the boards and throw them in the "oops box". My partner comes in to help out with the prints and grabs a shirt out of the box so he doesnt mess up the one he has on. He holds it up and says "thats pretty cool when did you make these"? I told him I messed them up last night and put them in there. He then asked what was wrong with them and I told him. He laughed and then said, oh I thought it was an image of two guys racing each other. I took another look at it and laughed myself. I got the shirt put it back on the board and put down the third color, now it looked like a race with three guys all going thru the turn at the same time. So what seemed to be a messed up print turned out to be a cool design idea.

I ended up learing two things.
1. Don't work when you are too tired
2. Try to keep an open eye when looking for new ideas.

That was my little story. Just thought I would share it with you and see if anyone else has had something like that happen to them while printing or creating a design.
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