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The pitch is .080 or mxl... the center distance will vary based on your design, i used a 159 grove..
This base will work on any printer format with few modifications.. If you use a larger format printer than the desktop epsons you will have to lenthen the width of this base to fit...:) this is a very light base in steel it weighs in at roughly 46 pounds complete with printer and covers.. you can go to aluminum and trim the weigh drastically (however in aluminum you will need to put mounting plates on the frame to mount to a table, it becomes so light when the platen is extended it will tip do to being off balance).. this design is very mobile and transports extremely easy... the frame construction makes for a very lightweight unit but very solid and durable at the same time... (i have had the complete printer fall 4 feet to a concrete floor with no damage outside scratches and ink bottle spill, my cat (american bobtail at 20 pounds) jumped up onto the platen when it was extended:D

the steel materials are...
1. 1x1 steel tube for frame..
2. 3"x1/8th flat steel for drawer slide mounts
3. 3/4" angle for printer feet mounts..
I cut the pieces and welded this frame together in just under an hour!! PLEASE dont ask for dimensions these are easily figured out based on printer base and platen size (randy will be doing a future pdf on the build)


a wood version could be completed in a few hours and will do the same job just not as strong and pretty..

best of luck..

Will u ever get a patent?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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