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Missing Black Channel

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Hi everyone,
I've had my f2000 since last august I believe. Although I love my machine, I also hate how something is always wrong. I clean it consistently, my humidity level is fine. This machine gives me such a headache sometimes.

Okay I am in Houston so we were dealing with hurricane Harvey last week, luckily my printer is upstairs in my house so I didn't have any problems flooding or anything, my street didn't flood or get damage. I didn't turn the printer on for three days and my white ink channels went out. Okay that's normal sometimes, did a few head cleanings, nothing coming out still, cleaned suction cap, nothing, did a tube wash, still nothing. I called Epson, they get someone to call me, of course they say it's a new print head, so I got another opinion from one of Epson's service locations out here in Houston because I know it's not the print head, the guy comes and says it needs a new suction cap assembly. He comes, fixes it and white channels start working. Well now my black channel is out. Did more head cleanings (I've basically wasted an entire head cleaning set at this point) and still no black. I tried to print a small tiny word with black letters and turned up the ink density to +100 and got a very splotchy print. Tried to go back to normal ink density and nothing showed up. Does anyone have any idea what is going on? I called the maintenance and I'm sure they will come back out, but you know they're expensive. Looking for opinions or anything here? My warranty is up so I really don't want to spend $1,900 on another year of warranty for a machine that should still work after 12 months lol
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