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Hi All,

I'm a graphic artist working at a full-service screen printing shop and we're starting to put a lot of our procedures and practice into manuals. Do's and don'ts, what is acceptable and unacceptable to be considered a product from our facility.

I'm looking to the forum to see if anyone can provide a link to a good error guide. Something complete with full-color, preferably photographic examples of misprints, smudges, bleed issues, art issues, burn issues or other screen printing errors. Something we can show incoming printers to say, 'this is unacceptable.' Unfortunately, as many of you I'm sure are aware, there are plenty of shall we say, less than savvy at best and often times criminal at worst screen printers out there or facilities that allow a shoddy product. We are not those people.

In lieu of links: I want images of your misprints and mistakes. Anyone with archival images from when they were learning, or anyone who just sees this and starts snapping their errors please reach out and send them to me. If we can't find an error guide to our liking we're going to make it ourselves. If I'm able to source enough images and make this thing how we want I'll post it back here for the community to have and use. Please include how you made the error (if you know) and how your resolved it (if you have.)

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks so much!

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